Seasonal Events    

Eugster's has many exciting events throughout the year! From spring until fall, there is always something fun to do for the whole family. 

During the summer and fall, Eugster's is open between our event days. Click the button below to learn more  

Lambing and Kidding Days 

April 2020 

Orchard Days

September 2020

Lavender Days 

June 2020

Fall Festival

October 2020

Sunflower Days 

July 2020

Christmas Trees

November 2020

Eugster's Farm Policies


Age - Eugster's Farm Market is an adult-supervised facility. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/chaperone at all times.

Pets - No pets are allowed on the farm for the safety of our animals. Only service animals specifically trained to aid in a disabled person are allowed.

Petting and Handling of Animals - Our policy is that the animals come first. Guests will have to the opportunity to interact up close and pet various animals. We do not promote or guarantee every guest will hold animals. They are animals and need extra gentle handling.

Group Tours - Group tours are available from June 16th - July 16th, by reservation only. Unfortunately, we no longer offer tours in the fall (including school groups and bus tours), or birthdays.

Smoking - No smoking allowed on the farm.

Food & Lunches - You may bring your own picnic lunch to the farm. We have a pavilion area to enjoy lunch/snacks.

Credit Cards - We accept cash, check, and credit cards at the market. The petting farm crank machines require quarters to feed the animals. Due to frequent maintenance on phone lines, it is always a good idea to have cash on hand when attending farm events. 


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