Eugster's Choice CSA

An original version of a modern CSA

CSA Sales have been closed until January 2022.


Fresh produce will still be available to non-members all season!

Thanks for your interest and support!

New for 2021:

  • Vouchers will not be mailed; they will be available for pickup at our Farm Market on WI-138 on the first day of the CSA Season (Note: Make a note of what name is on the transaction!)

  • We will be initiating a referral program to reward existing members who refer new member households (more information below)

  • Due to popular demand there will be an additional $25 voucher specifically for October. This will make memberships $225 instead of $200.

  • There is a similar but modified voucher schedule; each voucher period will begin on a Wednesday and end on a Monday (to more efficiently work around our Tuesdays off)

  • We plan to have a CSA tour night - invites will be handed out with transactions several weeks in advance.

  • We plan to construct another greenhouse this spring

  • There should be a steady supply of eggs available in the market (CSA vouchers cannot be used for these)

What is a CSA?


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The basic concept revolves around selling ‘shares’ of our future fruits and vegetables to consumers as a method for raising money for each production season. Raising money in the spring can prove to be a difficult challenge for small farms because the majority of a farm’s spending occurs well before the first harvest. A CSA program is designed to help ease this challenge. CSAs have become popular in recent years and offer many features to consumers. You can enjoy high-quality fresh produce right from the field and support local business/agriculture. 


What is the ‘Eugster’ Difference?


Many CSAs do not have the scale of produce operation that we have developed for over 45 years in the produce business - usually boxes are loaded up with miscellaneous products and brought to several drop-off locations. We have identified that receiving a ‘random’ assortment may not appeal to many consumers. As we struggled to figure out how to ease the complexity that comes along with making custom boxes each week, we concluded that the best way is for the consumer to pick out produce for themselves in person. 


The Eugster’s Choice CSA will allow our CSA members to pick whatever produce you may want at a much more flexible schedule! We will issue a series of CSA vouchers that are each redeemable during a specified date range. This achieves the basic goal of a CSA and also allows each family the ‘choice’ to grab as much or as little of a produce item they may desire. In normal CSAs, you get a random assortment of vegetables that might not all get used. Our goal is to not let our hard work go to waste and give you the complete freedom to pick and choose whatever you want from our farm’s production.


Although we are not currently certified as an organic farm, we plan to use organic-based practices on the majority of our produce. We have full intentions of becoming a certified organic in the near future.


Why Are We Offering a CSA?


Like many agricultural entertainment farms, we were directly impacted by COVID-19. In 2020, we decided to ‘rebrand’ our farm and focus more on the health benefits we can offer our community. As farmers, we feel that it is our responsibility to encourage our local population to take advantage of the benefits of eating healthy and being involved with a local farm. At Eugsters, we want to be your farmers. We want our brand to be associated with sustainable farming practices that better educate and inform the public about taking care of the environment by use of ‘clean’ practices.


Serving our community by way of CSA aligns perfectly with our motto; “Wholesome family fun.” Whether the fun comes from visiting our farm and animals, picking out fresh produce, buying other locally sourced goods, or making the produce transform into a meal in your own kitchen, we want your experience to be ‘wholesome.’


In our first CSA season, we applied some of the most sustainable farming practices from around the world - it was a wild success! Our new ‘no-weed’ farming tactics implement the concept of never tilling the soil, which enables seeds of weed-like plants to grow when they are exposed to sunlight, eliminates the need for herbicides. By doing this process for several years, the topsoil that contains the bulk of the dormant weed seeds becomes buried under a new layer of healthy soil that doesn’t contain any unwanted seeds. This allows for more nutrition for the plants we want, better drainage, and much less work in the future seasons. Plus, healthy soil produces the best tasting produce!


Alongside the new and expanded gardens, we are planting a much more diverse series of crops to offer for your consumption. For many years we have specialized in sweet corn, apples, tomatoes, muskmelon, cucumbers, beans, and peppers. Now we strive to add countless varieties of produce such as lettuce, cabbage, beets, carrots, radish, broccoli, zucchini, strawberries, turnips, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, pickles, dill, many varieties of herbs, onions, leeks, and much more! We believe that we will now have a large enough variety to support a successful CSA.


Who Should Join a CSA?


In our opinion, everyone should - whether it is our farm or another! Why buy produce from big box stores when you can see directly where your money goes and where your produce comes from. Anyone who wants to feel good about what they eat should consider giving it a try. Eating fresh locally grown produce is a great way to connect with your community, nature, and your farmer!


How Much is a CSA?


We aim to make this as economical as possible. Most CSAs in Southern Wisconsin range from $500-800 per family for the 4-6 month growing season. Eugster’s Choice CSA will be $225 and can be much cheaper after taking advantage of wellness programs that your health insurance may offer. Wellness programs change all the time, but here are a few examples of how your provider may be able to help make eating healthy with a CSA more affordable:

Group Health Cooperative (GHC) Families will get 100 Manage Well points per CSA membership!

Quartz Families earn 400 points with the purchase of a CSA membership to be spent on Amazon gift cards!

WEA Trust offers $100 per person or $200 per household reimbursement with proof of a CSA membership!


For other insurances, please see what your provider’s wellness program has to offer. Whether it is $25 or $200, money saved is money earned.


Why Are We Less Than Half The Price of Others?


As mentioned above, the normal cost of a CSA in Southern Wisconsin is between $500-800. To be completely transparent, we are offering our CSA for 18 weeks instead of the popular 24 weeks.


Doing the typical ‘box CSA’ is a significant financial commitment. It takes lots of time and energy to schedule produce to be ready on the same day every week, package everything, deliver to pick-up spots, and maintain records of our members’ delivery. We are unique in the fact that we have a beautiful farm market store located directly on our farm. Our farm is relatively close to the majority of Dane County’s population and easily accessible for regular pickup. Eugster’s Choice CSA offers everything a typical CSA has, and more. No more waste, minimal use of packaging materials, and no more pressure to pick up boxes at a specific location and time.


We recognize that $225 for fresh produce goes a long way. If you only eat what you buy from us, that $225 should be able to feed a family of four at least 10 times. If you add our produce as sides to a typical meal, you and your family will be able to have our produce at no less than 30 meals. The reason we choose $225 is to take advantage of healthcare provider incentives that might inspire many first-time CSA members. This benefits all parties; the insurance company, the farmer, and the consumer.

How Do I Pay?


Simply access the link on our website, click Farm Market, Eugster’s Choice CSA, read the information, click on the PayPal link, and follow the on-screen prompts to complete your transaction! We charge a 3% or $6.75 for “shipping” to mitigate the cost of PayPal’s processing charges.


IMPORTANT: You will be asked for an address when you check out. Please input the address where you currently reside so we can verify this when dispursing vouchers in the farm market this summer.


NOTE: Don’t lose your emailed receipt, you will need it if you wish to pursue incentives from your healthcare provider.

Eugster’s Choice CSA Referral Program

If you were a member in 2020 and you refer another CSA member to us, you will receive 8 free admissions to visit the petting farm throughout the summer. As of now, there are no limits on how many referrals can be given - this is subject to change. We know 2020 was a great first year of the CSA and we want to inspire our members to share their experiences with prospective families. 

To take advantage of this opportunity, have the family referring you email with the subject heading, “Referral Program.” In that email, they must state the name their CSA membership is under and the name of the family that referred them. Referrals must be made by April 1st.

When is Eugster’s Choice CSA?


The growing season in Wisconsin is much like a good game of euchre, unpredictable. With great confidence, we can plan to have an assortment of produce starting June 16th and continue through October 31st. Any coupons for any ‘lost week(s)’ due to poor growing conditions will be redeemable at any future week. This is especially the case for early season weeks - maybe a fourth winter will set us behind, we never know in Wisconsin!


We understand that you all have very diverse schedules and a weekly pickup might not be ideal for some. For that reason, we have expanded the options available compared to a typical CSA. If you would like to keep current with a weekly CSA purchase, you are welcome to claim your share every week. Otherwise, you may use two coupons at any one point in the designated two-week period. The vouchers designated as “Extra” may be used to buy extra produce at any time or to continue into October - whatever you prefer. The schedule below will help clarify:

Voucher Schedule:

* Please note that each voucher may only be used for one transaction for simplicity’s sake. We are closed Tuesdays so vouchers will expire when we close on Mondays and Wednesday will mark the start of the next voucher period.


Week 1 & 2

  • June 16th through the 28th

    • 2 PINK coupons for $12.50 each - $25 Total

    • Redeemable at any time, can be used separately or together

Week 3 & 4

  • June 30th  through July 12th

    • 2 RED coupons for $12.50 each - $25 Total

    • Redeemable at any time, can be used separately or together

Week 5 & 6

  • July 14th through the 26th

    • 2 GREEN coupons for $12.50 each - $25 Total

    • Redeemable at any time, can be used separately or together

Week 7 & 8

  • July 28th through the August 9th

    • 2 PURPLE coupons for $12.50 each - $25 Total

    • Redeemable at any time, can be used separately or together

Week 9 & 10

  • August 11th through the 23rd

    • 2 ORANGE coupons for $12.50 each - $25 Total

    • Redeemable at any time, can be used separately or together

Week 11 & 12

  • August 25th through September 6th

    • 2 YELLOW coupons for $12.50 each - $25 Total

    • Redeemable at any time, can be used separately or together

Week 13 & 14

  • September 8th through the 20th

    • 2 BLUE coupons for $12.50 each - $25 Total

    • Redeemable at any time, can be used separately or together


  • October 1st through Halloween Day

    • 2 ORANGE/YELLOW/RED coupons for $12.50 each - $25 Total

    • Redeemable at any time, can be used separately or together


Extra: ($25)

There will be two extra RAINBOW coupons for $12.50 each. These may be used at any point in our produce season between June 16th and October 31st. For example; if you want to buy bulk sweet corn for freezing, you may use any or both of these in a single transaction to purchase extra produce. You may also use these for any produce we have in October (pumpkins, apples, squash, etc.).

Voucher Rules:

  • Vouchers will only be issued one time to the address you provide us with

  • Vouchers must be present at the transaction in order to be redeemed

  • Being caught duplicating vouchers will result in immediate removal from the CSA membership program without a refund

Where Can I Redeem My Voucher Tickets?


Eugster’s Farm Market on WI-138 in Stoughton is the ideal place to stop. Here, we will have our current product selection, other non-produce goods, our petting farm, or possibly a farm event to attend! We are closed on Tuesdays.


Otherwise, we plan to have two stands located in Middleton (by Walgreens on University Ave) or McFarland (in the Maple Tree Parking Lot on HWY 51). Please note that the stand locations will be subject to change with COVID-19.


Our CSA should be purchased in 2021 with the intention of picking up produce at our farm location. If our corn stands are open, vouchers may be used. Due to COVID-19, we can not guarantee other locations.


What Can I Purchase With My Voucher Tickets?


As required by most healthcare providers, CSA products may only be fruits and vegetables. For this reason, other items such as petting farm admissions, ice cream, or canned goods have to be purchased separately. 


In terms of priority, we operate on a first-come-first-serve policy. While we value our CSA members, we cannot hold produce forever. Remember our goal is not to create waste, so the first to stop in for produce will reap the benefits. 

What is the Future of Eugster’s Choice CSA?


We continue to learn and improve with each season that passes. We ask for your patience in our first CSA season. There are many exciting things that we plan to offer in the future; a tour of our operation and party for our CSA members, free-range eggs, even more specialty produce items, and the capacity for even more members if we need to expand! 


At Eugster’s Farm Market, we are proud to be your farmers and we will work hard to do everything we can to assure a wholesome experience for all.