Eugster's "Choice" CSA

An original version of a modern CSA

CSA Memberships Are SOLD OUT for the 2022 season!

Fresh produce will still be available to non-members all season!

Thanks for your interest and support!

Welcome to Eugster’s “Choice” CSA! 

  • Our CSA is $250 and includes $275 worth of produce, that’s equal to 10% off the whole season! 

    • Many health care providers have Wellness Programs that offer full or partial payment of your CSA membership, as well!

  • Eugster's "Choice" CSA means you get to pick out your own produce, meaning no vegetable boxes full of unwanted produce like other CSAs. Choose your produce at our farm, or one of our stand locations, anytime during open hours.

  • The sign-up deadline is May 15, 2022, or until we're sold out.

    • Mail-in checks must be sent by May 1st, to allow us processing time.

  • We're grateful for our CSA Members, so we're happy to offer over $77 in complementary farm items! 

    • 6 summer passes ($45 value), visit our beautiful sunflower fields or lavender hill!

    • $20 voucher to put towards your Christmas tree in the 2022 holiday season

    • Free large U-Cut bouquet of flowers ($12)

    • A reusable shopping bag for your trips to the farm this summer and in the future!

What is a CSA, Anyway? 

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.”  Consumers buy “shares” of a farmer’s harvest before the season begins, and are able to enjoy the following months of delicious local produce. It’s an investment of sorts, so farmers can pay for their seeds, fertilizer, etc, in the early months before any vegetable income comes in, and “investors” are able to reap the benefits more than anyone else. 

It also connects the consumer and producer more personally; so you know exactly where your food is coming from. Both the farmer and the CSA member really benefit from this cool relationship, and we are very excited to be offering this program on our farm. 

We also recommend our members check with their insurance providers since many offer wellness programs that partially or fully pay for CSA memberships! For example, Group Health Cooperative (GHC) Families will get 100 Manage Well points per CSA membership.

How We’re Different

Eugster’s “Choice” CSA

When most people think of CSA, they usually picture a box of veggies that you pick up from a weekly drop-off spot. Here at Eugster’s Farm Market, we’ve made some changes to the old model, including: 

  • Instead of a pre-packed box of random produce, Eugster’s “Choice” CSA allows you to pick what produce you want!  Simply come to our Farm Market located between Stoughton and Oregon (or one of our stand locations), and grab as much or as little of each vegetable or fruit you’d like. Redeem your CSA vouchers like cash at the check-out, and be on your way! 

  • We realize every week might be too big of a commitment for some folks. Eugster’s Choice CSA gives two vouchers for each two-week period. You can use two vouchers at any point in the designated two-week period, such as at the same time, or one a week.

  • While other CSAs have designated pick-up times, our members are free to pick out their produce whenever it’s convenient for them during our open hours. That’s over two weeks to use your two vouchers! But remember, we are closed on Tuesdays. 

  • Most CSAs cost around $500-800 for 24 weeks of produce. We wanted our program to be affordable, so we start a little later into the season, resulting in about 18 weeks of produce, and a membership that costs only $250 (for $275 worth of produce)! 

  • As mentioned above, we’re glad you’ve chosen to be a part of our CSA program, so we’re offering over $75 in complimentary farm items as well!

Referral Program
  • If you were a member in 2021 and refer another CSA member to us, you will receive a $25 coupon for anything in our store, such as eggs, pickles, jam, honey, lotion, etc! There is no limit on the number of referrals- we want to spread the word to the local communities about our exciting CSA program! 

  • Please have the members you are referring send an email to with both their names and yours, so you get your referral coupon!

  • The deadline to refer new members is May 1st, 2022. 

How it Works 

Sign Up
  • You can purchase our CSA online through our Website with a credit card by May 15th, 2022. This year we are also offering a mail-in check option. Mail-in checks must be sent by May 1st to allow for processing time. 

  • The online payment can be accessed through our website by clicking “CSA” in the menu bar. 

    • Remember, the email you use in this step is the email we will be communicating to you with for the rest of the season! 

  • For the Mail-In Check Option, please include the attached information form with your check to submit all the facts we’ll need from you for the season!

CSA Vouchers 
  • Vouchers will be picked up at our farm market, located at 3865 State Road 138, Stoughton, WI 53589. No need for an extra trip, either, just grab your vouchers whenever it’s convenient to pick out your first round of vegetables! 

  • There are four “extra” vouchers that are redeemable anytime during the season. If you want extra apples for making pie, or want to bag some freezer corn, simply use your extra vouchers that week to get more produce than usual! 

  • Vouchers cannot be partially used, they must be fully used in one transaction. 

  • Vouchers must be present for all transactions to be redeemable. 

  • Vouchers cannot be used for non-produce items such as honey or eggs. 

  • We are closed Tuesdays, so vouchers will expire at close on Mondays and Wednesday will mark the start of the next voucher period.

  • Vouchers can be redeemed at our Farm Market, or at one of our street stands. Street Stands start around corn season, so the first few weeks of vouchers will likely only be redeemable at the Farm Market. Our stands this year are tentatively in Middleton  (by Walgreens on University Ave) or McFarland (in the Maple Tree Parking Lot on HWY 51), although we recommend coming to our Farm Market since there will be more variety in produce. 

  • This year we’ve made coupons easier to use, they are pre-cut and ready to use! 

Voucher Schedule: 

Week 1 & 2

  • June 15th through the 27th

    • 2 PINK coupons for $12.50 each - $25 Total

    • Redeemable at any time, can be used separately or together

Week 3 & 4

  • June 29th  through July 11th

    • 2 RED coupons for $12.50 each - $25 Total

    • Redeemable at any time, can be used separately or together

Week 5 & 6

  • July 13th through the 25th

    • 2 GREEN coupons for $12.50 each - $25 Total

    • Redeemable at any time, can be used separately or together

Week 7 & 8

  • July 27th through the August 8th 

    • 2 PURPLE coupons for $12.50 each - $25 Total

    • Redeemable at any time, can be used separately or together

Week 9 & 10

  • August 10th through the 22nd

    • 2 ORANGE coupons for $12.50 each - $25 Total

    • Redeemable at any time, can be used separately or together

Week 11 & 12

  • August 24th through September 5th​

    • 2 YELLOW coupons for $12.50 each - $25 Total

    • Redeemable at any time, can be used separately or together

Week 13 & 14

  • September 7th through the 19th

    • 2 BLUE coupons for $12.50 each - $25 Total

    • Redeemable at any time, can be used separately or together

Fall Vouchers

  • September 21st through Halloween Day

    • 2 ORANGE/YELLOW/RED coupons for $12.50 each - $25 Total

    • Redeemable at any time, can be used separately or together 

Extra: ($75)

  • There will be SIX extra RAINBOW coupons for $12.50 each. These may be used at any point in our produce season between June 15th and October 31st. For example; if you want to buy bulk sweet corn for freezing, you may use any or all of these in a single transaction to purchase extra produce. You may also use these for any produce we have in October (pumpkins, apples, squash, etc.) 

About Our Farm

Last Season Recap 

Our second CSA season was a success! We were excited to add lots of new features to our operation, for example: 

  • Water-efficient drip irrigation lines replaced our wasteful sprinkler system, and made watering our vegetable beds a dream!

  • Heaters in our high tunnels allowed for earlier produce than we’ve ever had!

  • New pruning techniques allowed our trellised tomatoes and peppers to soar in production (and height!). 

  • The addition of more Market Garden Rows will allow us to have even more families join in the future seasons!

The greatest challenge we faced in 2021 was the dry spell in the early summer months. We had our water systems running for up to 22 hours a day in our Market Garden! Our conventional field crops (without permanent drip irrigation) were impacted the most by the drought. Luckily, we were able to set up our large-scale irrigator just in time to make up for the loss in rain.


Our Sustainable Practices

We are finally nearing Organic Certification, and are hoping to be fully certified by the beginning of this produce season! We’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, as we have been using organic practices since the start of our CSA program in 2020! 


Here on Eugster’s Farm, we grow our wide variety of vegetables in “market garden rows.” These rows are what we call “no-till,” meaning we never turn over the dirt. This stops new weed seeds from mixing into our beds, which eliminates our need for herbicide! We’re also able to mix in lots of great nutrients into our market garden beds, such as Purple Cow organic fertilizer. 


We want to provide you with the highest quality produce we can grow. Health is very important to the Eugster Family. We want our community to enjoy fresh, local produce, and we are grateful for the opportunity to provide it. 


CSA Tour Night 

Last season was our first time offering a “CSA Tour Night,” and it was a lot of fun! We’re excited to offer it again this year. You’ll get to see where all your produce is grown, take a wagon ride down to our sweet corn fields, meet some of the farmers who are doing the growing, along with some other activities. It really is a neat experience if you’ve never toured a fully-functioning farm, and we would recommend all our CSA members to take the tour! 

The tentative tour dates will be July 15th and 16th. This will depend on the weather and growing season - we will email a sign-up sheet with any changes to the date closer to the growing season. (Remember to use an accessible email when signing up for your CSA, that’s how we’ll be communicating throughout the season!) 


Produce to Expect:

Apples - Early September through October

Beets - June through September

Broccoli - July through Mid-August

Brussel Sprouts - Mid-August through Mid-October

Cabbage - June through July

Cantalope - August

Carrots - June through October

Cauliflower - Mid-July through Mid-August

Celery - June through July

Cilantro - June through July

Cucumbers - June through August

Dill - Early July (one crop)

Eggplant - Mid-July through August

Green Beans - July through Mid-August

Kohlrabi - June through Early July

Leeks - Mid-June through July

Lettuce - June through August

Romaine Lettuce - June through July

Onions (Red and Yellow) - June through October

Onions (Green) - June through August

Peas - June through Mid-July

Potatoes (not grown on our farm) - June through October

Pumpkins (Pie and Regular) Mid-September through October

Peaches (not grown on our farm) - June through August

Peppers (Bells, Jalapenos, Cayenne, and Banana) - Mid-June through October

Radishes - June through September

Spinach - June through Mid-July

Squash - September through October

Strawberries - June through September

Sweet Corn - July through August

Tomatillos - July through August

Tomatoes - June through Mid-October

Tomatoes (Cherry Tomatoes) - June through September

Tomatoes (Romas and Canning) - Mid-July through August

Watermelon - Mid-July through September

Zucchini - June through Mid-August

We look forward to seeing you this season!

Thank you for considering Eugster’s “Choice” CSA for your produce needs this season, and we look forward to seeing you in the future. We’re proud to be your farmer!