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   Eugster's Apple Orchard   

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The fall is a beautiful time of the year to get out and watch the changing seasons, especially at Eugster's Apple Orchard! We have over 2,500 apple trees that grow all kinds of apples. Our varieties include Honey Crisp, Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious, Gala, Jonathan, Fugi, Cortland, and Snappy McIntosh. Nothing beats hand-picked apples on the first crisp fall days of the year!

Apple Picking Courtesy - Please remember that we put a lot of time and energy into growing apples. If everyone taste-tested apples in the orchard before buying them there would be an incredible amount of waste. Please only eat apples out of your bag after you have finished picking them. Every year, we find way too many apples on the ground with a few bites taken out of them. Please honor the effort we put into creating a beautiful orchard. Remember, you wouldn't try an apple in the grocery store and put it on the ground!

   Online Tickets   


Due to the high demand for this event, we are requiring tickets to be pre-paid online. This reduces transaction time at the entrance and allows us to have better control over the daily attendance. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you and your family this fall! Click the link below to reserve your admission before they run out!

Each ticket is valid for ENTRY during your selected day and time. You may arrive at any time during your time slot and stay as long as you would like. Just select the day and time slot that works best for you and your family (Morning, Mid-Day, or Afternoon).

   Purchasing Apples: U-Pick or Pre-Picked   

U-Pick Apples are a part of our Petting Farm and require admission to enter. You may choose the size bag that suits your needs, fill it with the apples of your choosing, and pay on your way out! 

U-Pick Apples will be available 6 days/week (closed Tuesday) 

from Sept. 16th until Mid-October, based on crop yield. 

Pre-picked Apples are available to purchase from Sept. 13th(ish)- Oct. 31 in the Farm Market. Multiple varieties will become available throughout the season, as they ripen. Contact us for large quantity orders.

   Orchard Days Weekends   

2023 Dates

Saturday, September 16th 

Sunday, September 17th 

Saturday, September 23rd 

Sunday, September 24th 



Mornings (10 am to 12 pm arrival time) - $12.50/person
Mid-Day (12 pm to 2 pm arrival time) - $11.50/person
Afternoon (2 pm to close) - $10.50/person
(Age 1 & Under Free)
*Price of admission does not include
price of apples, see below*
Hours are 10 am- 5 pm 
*Last ticket sold at 3:30 pm* FIRM
Orchard Days Activities
Admission includes Eugster's 15-acre Petting FarmU-pick Apple Orchard, 8-acre big corn maze, and The Milk House Bakery with fall treats. 
Note: the price of apples is not included in the admission 
Apple Prices
You can purchase apples simply:
U-Pick Apples: $2/lb
Pre-Picked Apples: $2.50/lb
Pumpkin Prices
Pumpkins are $0.35/lb
Grab a bag at the entrance, pick your apples, and checkout on your way out!


Pre-picked Apples

Available for purchase in the market for $2.50/lb

   How Many Apples Do You Need?   

1/2 Bushel of Apples = 20-22 lbs. 
Approx. 50 Medium Apples
1 Peck of Apples = 10-11 lbs. 
Approx. 25 Medium Apples
9" Pie Takes Approx. 7-9 Apples

   Weekday Fall Activities   

Visit the farm on a weekday in the Fall for our 15-acre Petting Farm, U-Pick Apple Orchard, and Big 8-acre Maze. Enjoy the animals in the Petting Farm, while also taking in the beautiful fall colors. Choose the perfect-sized bag and fill it with fresh apples from our orchard. Browse through our pre-picked pumpkins to find the perfect Jack-O-Lantern! Don't forget your fall produce, like squash or pre-picked apples, from the farm market!

2023 Dates

September 20th - October 31st 

WEEKDAYS ONLY, closed Tuesdays



$8.50 per person, paid at the entrance (Age 1 & Under Free)
Hours are 10 am- 5 pm 
*Last ticket sold at 4:00 pm* FIRM
Open 6 days/week (Closed Tuesday)

Optional Animal Feeding: 

Pellet Feed: $2 bags at the entrance 
Sheep, Cows, Goats, Llama, Turkeys, Ducks, Chickens, & Fish 
Bottle Feed: $2 per bottle
Baby Goats 
*Bottles are limited. First come, first serve*

   Fall Festival Weekends - Apple Picking

You and your family are encouraged to pick apples and pumpkins on Fall Festival weekends. Fall Festival admission does not include apple prices. Please note that the apple crop begins to thin out significantly by mid-October.

   Orchard Photos   

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