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Petting Farm

Girl feeding Sheep
Mini Pony with guests

Our 15-acre Petting Farm is a great place to spend some wholesome time with your family! It's beautiful and relaxing as well as educational.


We have nearly every farm animal you can imagine, all of which are happy and loved. You will enjoy many fun activities and learn all about agriculture and farm life. After enjoying our petting farm, stop by the market for fresh produce, and refreshments!

Admission: $8.50/person (1 and under free!)

NOTE: During an event, this is subject to change. Watch our homepage for current or upcoming events!

Optional Animal Feeding: 

Bottle Feed Baby Goats- $2/bottle

Bag of Pellets- $2/bag 

Quarter machines inside the petting farm

Activities in the Petting Farm

Practice milking the Cow, "Daisy May"


Explore the garden

Bottle feed baby goats (extra cost)

Visit the mini horse!

Visit our Cat & Kitten House

Pump water the old-fashioned way

Feed the goats & sheep (extra cost)

Say hi to Si (mini donkey)

Conquer "I Spy on the Farm" scavenger hunt

Stroll the Chicken Walk

Gobble to the turkeys 

Meet the world's largest rabbit breed!

Build castles in the huge sandbox

Look for eggs & chicks in the hen house

Play with baby goats in the playpen!

Walk through our vast zinnia and lavender fields

Discover the Learning Center


Pet the pigs

U-Cut flowers (extra cost)

Rome around our vineyard and orchard


Enjoy play systems

Feed the catfish in the pond (extra cost)

Meet Bessie, a cow over 1,200 lbs!

Witness a fairy in our Fairy Garden!

Farm Map
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