Making Memories For Over 30 Years 

We're located just 15 minutes south of Madison, Wisconsin

on State Hwy 138 between Oregon and Stoughton


    Closed Until Christmas Tree Season    (Nov. 19th)

Join us this Holiday Season for finding your perfect Christmas Tree! Starting on November 19th, we will be open from 10 am to 5 pm Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The last day of our Christmas Tree season will be Sunday, December 20th. All trees are pre-cut and grown right on the farm!

For the past decade, we have been growing trees for our community to eventually put in their homes. That time began last year when we opened for our first holiday season. The farm is a great place to stop in for some local honey, jams, jellies, candles, and tons of other stocking stuffers! 

Our trees are pre-cut and range in height from Charlie Brown's tree to 10 feet. We have Frasers ($10/ft 6-10ft tall) and Spruce ($50 each). Each Fraser sold will come with a FREE 25lb bag of sunflower birdseed! It's unlikely that we will cut 4' "Charlie Brown" trees this season - considering they will grow into beautiful full-sized trees over the next couple years. We will provide you with a measuring stick to best judge what tree will fit in your home. After you select a tree, we will carry it out, shake the dead needles out, and bag it for you for no charge. Then you may check out after shopping in our farm market or you are welcome to use our outdoor service window.

We have some 10 feet tall trees for those in need of a large room to fill!

For liability purposes, we cannot strap a tree on your vehicle unless you sign the liability waiver form. Better yet, please come prepared with trucks/SUVs and ratchet straps of your own. Last year we were blown away by how many people came with no staps, picked out the largest trees, and wanted it put on their Mini Coopers. Please plan ahead to make it easier for everyone!

Click Here for more information, dates, and times regarding our Christmas Tree Season!

   COVID-19 Updates   

GENERAL: Until otherwise noted, we plan to perform the following safety precautions; We will limit the number of shoppers in our farm market and require the use of masks indoors. We will only be serving pre-packaged ice-cream treats to avoid hand scooping for the time being. There will be plexiglass barriers up at our checkout stations to protect our staff during transactions. We will sell pre-packaged feeding pellets in the entrance(s) instead of using our vending machines. We will not require masks at the outdoor potions of the petting farm. Interactive items will either not be offered or will be taped off to avoid the spread of germs - this, unfortunately, includes the cats/kittens. 

CHRISTMAS TREES: The indoor capacity restrictions and mask rules will be the most frequently observed practice during this season. Fortunately, it is mostly outdoors and you would only come in to checkout or shop briefly. 

(Updated as of November 4th)


At Eugster's Farm Market we work very hard to provide our community with delicious fresh produce and wholesome family fun. For over 40 years, we have grown into the beautiful farm that we are today. Visit our market for produce, join us for seasonal events, or simply come to visit the animals. We feel that it is our responsibility to enable our community to be in touch with local agriculture, enjoy what nature has to offer, and to create memories that will last a lifetime. 

We are proud to be your farmers!

-The Eugster Family


   Explore The Farm   

Eugster's Choice CSA

We are excited to announce the start of our own modern version of a CSA. Pick out your own produce and come anytime! No waste, no hassle - just delicious fruits and vegetables!

Seasonal Events

Every year we host a variety of events to celebrate the annual phases of the farm. Everything from Lambing and Kidding Days in the early spring to Christmas Trees in the holiday season. We have something for everyone!

Learn our History

For over 150 years and six generations, Eugsters have been farming. From the farming valleys in the Swiss Alps to the Midwest, we have deep roots in agriculture.

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   Open Hours   


Eugster's Farm Market

3865 WI-138

Stoughton, WI 53589


We are open 6 days/week from 10 am to 5 pm


Event days are subject to change so be sure to visit their information pages on our site before your visit!

   Eugster's Farm Policies   

Age - Eugster's Farm Market is an adult-supervised facility. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/chaperone at all times.

Pets - No pets are allowed on the farm for the safety of our animals. Only service animals specifically trained to aid in a disabled person are allowed.

Petting and Handling of Animals - Our policy is that the animals come first. Guests will have to the opportunity to interact up close and pet various animals. We do not promote or guarantee every guest will hold animals. They are animals and need extra gentle handling.

Group Tours - Group tours are available from June 16th - July 16th, by reservation only. Unfortunately, we no longer offer tours in the fall (including school groups and bus tours), or birthdays.

Smoking - No smoking allowed on the farm.

Food & Lunches - You may bring your own picnic lunch to the farm. We have a pavilion area to enjoy lunch/snacks.

Credit Cards - We accept cash, check, and credit cards at the market. The petting farm crank machines require quarters to feed the animals. Due to frequent maintenance on phone lines, it is always a good idea to have cash on hand when attending farm events. 

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