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Cornellier Fireworks at Eugster's Farm Market

Shells and bottle rockets
Big display

Each year for just a few weeks during the 4th of July season, Cornellier Fireworks rents out our produce room at the farm to bring some explosive fun!

We have BIG stuff!

  • ​​Mortars

  • Repeaters ("Cakes")

    • 500​g

    • 350g

    • 200g

  • Roman Candles

  • Firecrackers

  • Finales

  • Bottle Rockets

  • Big Rockets

Additional waiver must be signed for these items and purchaser must be 18+.


We have 'driveway-safe' stuff!

  • Sparklers of all sizes

  • Pop-its

  • Fountains

  • 500g Fountains (large)

  • Novelty Fountains

No permit is necessary for these items and no waivers need to be signed for these items. They are all designed to be consumer-safe within city limits.



Hours: 10 am to 8 pm
Dates : June 21st - July 6th 2024


  • ​ID must be provided by an adult for the "Big Stuff"

  • Cash, credit, and debit accepted - no checks

  • Buy-1-Get-1 is mix and match. For example, you could buy 1 $100 item and get anything that adds up to $100 to match it.

  • Must be a Wisconsin resident to purchase the "Big Stuff"


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