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We are always looking for hardworking individuals! We typically hire new folks for the Fall Festival - where we get to know you and your work ethic before inviting you back for the following summer season.

That said, applications are typically available in our farm market beginning in August. Watch our social media page for announcements or stop in from time to time and ask for an application!

TIPS FOR STUDENTS: You must be at least 14 years old and not afraid to get dirty. High availability is sought after - we want to know we can count on you! Do not have your parents apply for you; pick up your own application, fill it out yourself, have your parents sign off on their permission and your availability, and focus on being as responsible as possible. Respect on our farm is earned, not given. Working on our farm is a perfect job through your high school years and the first half of college. If you work hard for us, we will reciprocate accordingly. Earning a sales position is a great way to save money and earn tips! When the time comes, we will be happy to serve as a recommendation for your next chapter of life.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team. You will quickly find how rewarding it can be to be a part of a local farm. Remember, we work really hard but have a great time doing it!

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